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You will be shocked to see not only the conversion rate of this offer, but also the incredible amounts you will make. We have affiliates making over $3 per CLICK and up to $170 per sale they send to our offer!

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Why get paid only once when you send a customer our way? We have an incredible rebill upsell that has an average stick rate of over 8 months! We'll also mail customers who abandon the order with a professionally written email sequence, that will include your affiliate ID.

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We give you several ways to link to our offer with custom hoplinks, and since our conversion rate is so strong, the opportunity to scale this on platforms like YouTube, Facebook etc, are a real possibility!

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You can feel assured that you're promoting a high quality offer that has a very low refund rate, while earning some of the highest commissions in the industry!

What's the target audience?

The Wealth Genome essentially targets anyone who is interested in manifesting more wealth into their lives, which has a very broad appeal, but slightly more so with men.


  • Men
  • WoMen
  • Men- 56%,
  • Women- 44%,
  • Age 45+


  • US
  • AU
  • CA
  • UK
  • NZ
  • US - 86.24%,
  • AU - 4.3%,
  • CA - 3.1%,
  • UK 2.0%,
  • NZ - 0.6%.
  • Devices ioS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Devices ioS - 44.45%,
  • Android - 24.3%,
  • Windows 21.58%,
  • Mac - 9.67%.

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We have a variety of swipes written by a some of the top copywriters in the industry. Download our swipe file, and choose the best ones for your audience.

NOTE: You may ONLY send to opted-in subscribers, these are not for spamming, you will be immediately blacklisted without warning if you send unsolicited emails.

Expert Tips:

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  • Don't be afraid to send the same email multiple times


Since April 2021, ClickBank has redeveloped its tracking solution for Facebook. Affiliates can now add their own pixels using the Facebook Conversions API (CAPI).

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Download Landing Pages

Click here to download This incredible landing page / bridge page that starts off as an article and proceeds to be a quiz.

Simply download the zip file. Next you will need to upload the quiz to your server, and modify the URL to be your hop link on the quiz.php file, located on line 231.

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